As a fast-fashion supplier, printed fabrics are a very relevant part of our business.
Having the print in the store at the right time requires great agility and flexibility in terms of supply chain: this means that we need to be quick not only in printing fabrics, but also designing and developing.
For this reason:

  1. We have our own graphic design team, so that we can suggest prints and react quickly to our clients' requirements
  2. We offer an exclusive collection of prints, which is updated on a regular basis.
  3. We have a stock of pfp fabrics in our partners' plants, so that we can do tests and productions really quickly.
    We work with inkjet printers, rotary printers and transfer printers, and we have as well a finishing set-up.

Whether the client provides her own prints or we develop them ourselves, our aim is to be able to deliver the fabrics in a quick and effective way, in order not to lose the trend.